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The Edible You Didn’t Know You Needed: KIVA Lost Farm Fruit Chews with Live Resin

If you’re looking to shake up your yawn worthy edible routine, LAVC has got just the thing to elevate your high to a new level of bliss! Poppin’ fresh on the edible wall is KIVA Lost Farm Fruit Chews infused with live resin. These soft and chewy 10mg candies are packed with a surprisingly potent dose of THC that are impressing the most seasoned edible eaters! The shop is stocked with Sativa, Hybrid and Indica options, making it easy for all cannabis consumers to find the right one to fit their needs! They’re flying so stop by sooner than later to get your hands on a bag of your own!

Vet CBD Back in Stock!

We know! We know! It was more than a little shocking for Vet CBD enthusiasts to hear we had suspended the sale of the CBD tincture. Knowing how much some patients rely on it to quell the unsettling feelings of stress, anxiety and pain made it hard to remove from shelves.Thankfully we’ve got great news! Vet CBD is BACK! We’ve re-stocked the shelves with 10:1 and 20:1 options for patients to pick up when in need of the soothing CBD. No one is more excited than us to be able to continue providing patients with just the thing to create the chillest worry free vibes!

LAVC FAQ: What’s That Room Next To The Sales Floor?

Here at the shop we get a lot of the same questions from different patients, the biggest one being what the room adjacent to the main sales floor is. That friends, is LAVC’s experience room. We have taken products currently in stock and divided them into four different feeling categories to ensure patients are getting a prime time high based off the kind of experience they’re looking for. In addition to the feeling categories, is our merch display full of fresh sweatshirts, super soft tees and crisp hats ready to wear out the door! It’s more than worth a quick spin, where you just might find more to add to your cannabis order! Ask your budtender for a tour next time you’re there!

Budtender Strain of the Week

Weekly Weed caught up with budtender Aimee C. to see which strain is a must try next time you stop by the shop!
Strain: Sicario by Green Dragon
Why You Should Try It: “It’s a fun and adventurous high that keeps you buzzing for an extended period of time. A little goes a long way so puff sparingly for a satisfyingly fun sativa high!”

Funny Weed Fact To Share With Your Friends!

In 2008, a British man was sentenced to four years in jail in Dubai after Customs officers found 0.003 grams (0.0001 ounces) of cannabis in a cigarette stub stuck on the sole of one his shoes.

Demo Deals
Short on cannabis cash, but need to boost your mood with a feel good high? Stop by the shop this week for sweet deals on flower, vapes, and delicious edibles that will elevate you to a personal happy place!

Tuesday 3/9
LEVEL 11-2pm

Wednesday 3/10
WYLD Wednesday
Buy two get a third for $2! Awesome!

Thursday 3/11
Misitifi 5-8pm
Buy one disposable pen, get one for a penny! What a deal!

Friday 3/12
Kushy Punch 12-3pm
Buy two Get a third for $1! Cool!

3c Farms 5-8pm
Buy any 3c eighth or pre-roll pack, get a 1 gram pre-roll for a penny! Sweetness.


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