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The Best Eye Drops, Top-Shelf Papaya, and Carl Sagan

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CBD Could Be The Next Big Thing In Fighting COVID-19

It’s no secret the world is desperate to get back to a pre-COVID kind of life, and among the vaccines and therapeutics out there to keep people safe, CBD is coming to the forefront as a way to help fight off the virus and help the sick recover. Researchers have found CBD can actually block COVID infections at an early stage and reduce the risk of death for those who are already infected. It seems it is the only cannabinoid that makes a meaningful dent in the danger of the disease. When tested with a mix of THC and CBD, it was significantly less effective than just consuming pure CBD. Just another reason to love cannabis and all it’s healing properties!

Best Eye Drops For Stoned Eyes

One of the downsides of consuming cannabis is the red glazey eyes that tell the world you’re operating on a higher frequency. If you love getting goofy, but hate looking stoned, it’s smart to have an arsenal of eye drops that will eliminate all evidence of participating in 420 fun. Here at the Weekly Weed we’ve rounded up the top 3 eye drops to keep your eyes sharp and sober even when you’re not! Lol.

  1. Lumify Eye Drops – Our #1 choice when it comes to making the whites of your eyes look like snow. They’re such powerful drops, people might think you pulled some real life photoshop on them! They’re a little pricier, but worth the extra money spent when no one can tell you’ve taken a toke. 
  2. Clear Eyes Cooling Comfort Drops The best drops if you’re looking to refresh eyes instantly! Formulated with Occuthol, an ophthalmic eye cooling solution, Clear Eyes Cooling Drops will wake your eyes up without a trace of red left behind.
  3. Visine Long Lasting Redness Relief – One of the most well known names in the biz. Visine’s line of eyedrops is extensive, but their long lasting redness relief drops are top notch for getting the red out and keeping your eyes white and bright for hours!

Budtender Strain of the Week

Weekly Week checked in with LAVC budtenders  to find out which strain is a must try this week!

Strain: Papaya by Wonderbrett

Why You Need to Try It: “For a top shelf smooth smoke with heavy layers of papaya, sweet mango, ripe guava, and earthy spice, this mildly musky flower will transplant you to a place of pure euphoria and chilled out vibes.”

Funny Weed Fact To Share With Your Friends

Carl Sagan wrote about the benefits of getting high under a pseudonym.The famed astrophysicist and pop scientist was also a big fan of smoking weed! In 1969, he wrote an article that appeared in the 1971 book, “Reconsidering Marijuana.” It was revealed after Sagan’s death that he was the one who wrote it.

Demo Deals

If you’ve got some extra cash to replenish your weed stash, come on by the shop this week for sweet deals on prime product! Great product, phenomenal deals and a friendly staff ready to serve you! What could be better?

Wednesday 3/24

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Friday 3/26

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Kushy Punch 4-7pm

Buy any Kushy Punch get one for $1…cool deal!



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