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Social Tonics and Top-Shelf Chronics

Pacific Stone 7g Pre-roll Pack In-Stock Now!

If you have a penchant for pre-rolls, now’s the time to get excited because LAVC has just added Pacific Stone 7g pre-roll packs to the mix. Boasting 14 half gram pre-rolls, it’s the pack that seemingly never ends. A solid smoke that won’t make you crash and will keep you cruising for hours!

Catch A Cruisey Buzz With Cann Social Tonics!

If you’ve frequently walked pass our cooler of drinks and cookies, you might want to reconsider next time you stop in to stock up. LAVC has recently expanded their cannabis infused drink options to include CANN Social tonics! These ultra low dose THC/CBD tonic promises, ‘A feeling of vigor or well being…for a refreshing, uplifting social buzz.” Known to hit fast without an overwhelming high, you’ll feel light, bright, and ready to chill!

Budtender Strain Of the Week!

Weekly Weed caught up with partner Ilya S. to find out which strain is a must try next time you stop by the shop!

Strain: Orange Banana by WonderBrett
Why you need to give it a go: “It’s an ultra flavorful citrus strain that states like someone mixed orange juice with lighter fluid. It set my tastebuds on fire and gave me that next level high the most seasoned pot smokers search for.”



The Hollywood sign has been renamed HollyWEED twice. Using tarps, the pranksters changed the “o’s” to “e’s.” The first time was in 1976 and the second in 2017.


If it’s time to stock up your stash of cannabis goodies, pop on over to the shop this week for fat deals on superior product!


Flower Deal!
Buy any 1/8th with a sticker on the display, get 15% off! Great deal!

Wednesday 2/17

WYLD Wednesday!
Buy two Wyld gummies, get a third for $2

Buy any STIIIZY pod, get a free battery starter pack!

Thursday 2/18

ROVE 4-7pm
Buy a full cart or two half carts, get an additional half cart for two dollars!

3c 4-7pm
Buy any 3c eighth or pre-roll pack, get a pre-roll for a penny!

Friday 2/19

ROACH 5-8pm


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