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November 2nd – November 8th

Green Dragon Is Back In Stock! Get it Before It’s Gone!

It’s no secret Green Dragon is the current hotness of cannabis, and when LAVC has it in-stock, it doesn’t last long! It’s been a minute, but to start November strong, we’ve got strains on strains stocked and ready for you to toke! Green Dragon OG, Malverde, 80’s Baby, Feria, Fuego, and Secret Gelato are testing high, looking fresh and waiting for you to take them home!

Election Weed! Presidents Who Smoked Pot

It’s a big week for America. We’ll be casting votes to see who will sit in the Oval Office for the next four years! Eep! In honor of this American tradition, and to lighten the mood, we’ve rounded up notable presidential greats who took a toke or two in their time!

-John F. Kennedy: Rumor has it he used it during his time in the White House to alleviate back pain from an injury he sustained while serving in WW2.

-Bill Clinton: Even though he claims he “didn’t inhale,” we still think it counts!

-Barack Obama: Admitted he smoked marijuana in his memoir Dreams From My Father.

-George W. Bush: Spilled the tea that he used pot in his younger years when he didn’t know he the conversation was being recorded! Oops.

-Thomas Jefferson: He was a hemp farmer who historians suspect grew a secret stash of mind bending greens for personal use!

-George Washington: Was also a hemp farmer who alluded to manipulating THC levels of female plants in a journal.

Demo Deals To Stretch Your Cannabis Cash

In need of weed, but on a budget? It’s cool because LAVC has got you covered with tons of eye-popping good deals this week to keep your stash stocked and your highs high!

Wed 11/4
WYLD Wednesday!

Buy two Wyld gummies, get a third for $2

ROVE 4pm-7pm
Buy 2 half gram ROVE carts or 1 full gram ROVE cart, get an additional half gram for $1

Thurs 11/5
3C Farms 4pm-7pm
Buy any 3C Farms 1/8th, get a gram pre-roll for $1

Fri 11/6
Happy Friday!
Buy 2 half gram Happy Sticks carts or 1 full gram Happy Sticks cart, get an additional half gram for $1

KNBIS 4pm-7pm
Buy any KNBIS 1/8th, get a pre-roll for a dollar

The Munchie You Didn’t Know You Needed: Cannabis Oreos

It’s basically a dream come true when you can combine a sweet high with a favorite sweet treat. With cold weather around the corner and baking on a lot of brains, we found an insanely fast, easy and tasty recipe to turn a nostalgic kid classic cookie into an adult level midnight snack!


-Jell-O Oreo Cream
-2 cups of low-fat milk
-Cannabis infused butter or coconut oil

How To Make Them:

Mix the Jell-O Oreo Cream, milk and your infused butter or coconut oil in a large bowl. Only add enough infused butter or coconut oil to the potency you want your oreos to be. Mix well until it becomes a rich and creamy consistency. Twist open your Oreo, scrape out the cream filling and replace with your infused cream filling! Enjoy!


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