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November 16th – November 22nd

Edible Spotlight! The Original Pot Co. Snickerdoodle Cookies

Just in time for the holidays, LAVC has added The Original Pot Co. Snickerdoodle cookies to our edible offerings! These crumbly, yummy, sugary, cannabis infused bite sized servings are 10mg of mouth melting goodness that will definitely leave you wanting more! They supply a high that feels like you’re floating on a fluffy cloud! A perfect nightcap to satisfy your sweet tooth and steep you in sleep!

Packwoods Holiday Clothing Drive Happening Now!

‘Tis the season to pitch in a little extra to help those in need, and our friends at Packwoods have made it easy to give back with a holiday clothing and blanket drive! Now through the holiday season, LAVC will have a charity box set up in our experience room to donate unused blankets and winter wear for those less fortunate in DTLA!

Five Weed Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Next time you’re getting stoney with your friends, be the source of entertainment by showing them these fun, funny and functional hacks to turn your smoke sesh into a valuable learning experience!

  1. Attach a magnet to your bong. Now your lighter has a permanent place to call home!
  2. Wrap your weed jar in black construction paper to keep your buds fresh for an extended period of time!
  3. If you’re suddenly stuck without a grinder, put your bud and a penny in an empty pill bottle and shake!
  4. Avoid the munchies by putting a mint in your mouth.
  5. Smearing a tiny drop of honey over a finished joint will keep it from burning too quickly!



Looking to add more cannabis to your life, but on a budget? Head on over to LAVC this week for all kinds of insanely good deals on flower, vapes and cartridges. You’ll leave fully stocked with cash left over!

Wednesday 11/18
WYLD Wednesday!

Buy two Wyld gummies, get a third for $2

ROVE 4pm-7pm
Buy 2 half gram ROVE carts or 1 full gram ROVE cart, get an additional half gram for $1

Stiiizy 12pm-4pm
Buy any Stiiizy cart get a free battery

Thursday 11/19
3C Farms 4pm-7pm
Buy any 3C Farms 1/8th, get a gram pre-roll for a penny

Friday 11/20
KNBIS 4pm-7pm
Buy any KNBIS 1/8th, get a pre-roll for a dollar

Saturday 11/21
Kings Garden 4pm-7pm
Buy any Kings Garden 1/8th get a gram for a dollar


Which Hollywood starlet admitted she used to buy weed from Snoop Dogg?

  1. Cameron Diaz
  2. Kristen Stewart
  3. Emma Stone

**Check the next Weekly Weed for the answer!


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