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Coming To A TV Near You: Food Network’s Cannabis Cooking Show: ‘Chopped 420’

If you’re a fan of the Food Network’s wildly popular show Chopped, you’re going to LOVE the new spin they’ve put on it to give some love to the cannabis community while challenging the culinary talents of competitors. Aptly premiering on 4/20, Chopped 420 will showcase four chefs tasked with cooking a four course meal all infused with cannabis, in hopes of being the one to walk away with $10,000! Tune in to see who becomes king or queen of the cannabis kitchen on Discovery+!

420 Is Coming! Don’t Miss Out On Door Busting Deals And More!!

April is already flying by which means 4/20 will be here faster than you think! LAVC is ready to party with patients and will be rolling out discounts, freebies and fun like no other shop! If there’s one day you shouldn’t skip stopping at the shop, it’s 4/20! Deals will be good for one day only!

Weed Hack 101: Make Your Joints Burn Slower With The Help Of Honey!

The number one complaint from joint smokers is how fast they burn. One second you’re holding a freshly sparked j, only to turn around the next and see it almost burned down to the filter. Ugh! So annoying, we know. Fortunately there’s a not-so-known little hack you can try right now by just going into your kitchen! Next time you have a joint you’re ready to smoke, grab your honey bear and lightly coat the outside of it with some of the sweet gooey goodness! The honey acts as a sticking agent that slows down the burn while also preventing the joint from unwrapping while you smoke it. Oh, and it tastes amazing…bonus!

Budtender Strain Of the Week!

It’s a given that LAVC has a slew of top tier bud, but which strain is a must try this week? Weekly Weed caught up with LAVC budtenders to find out!

Strain: Purple Wheelchair by Green Dragon
Why You Need to Try It: For those looking for the perfect post-work bud, Purple Wheelchair by Green Dragon is all you need. This tasty bud with couch-locking abilities is what every Indica enthusiast needs to relax and wrap up the day.

Funny Weed Fact To Share With Your Friends!

When tested on Spiders, those high on marijuana built messy webs, were easily distracted, and gave up easily. Spiders high on LSD, on the other hand, spun highly geometric webs, even more so than when they were sober.

With warmer weather and longer days becoming the norm again, it’s prime time to pick up a cannabis infused treat to put a little pep in your step, widen your smile and give you the ultimate of chill vibes. Check out this week’s steals and deals to make the most of weed money!

Wednesday 4/7
STIIIZY 4pm-8pm
Buy 1g worth of STIIIZY carts, get a free battery! Chill.

Thursday 4/8
3c 12pm-3pm
Buy any 3c eighth or pre-roll pack, get a one gram pre-roll for a penny! Sweet deal!

Saturday 4/10
ROVE 5-7pm
Buy a full gram or two half gram cartridges, get an additional half gram or $2! Wow!


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