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New Pricing, New Products, and New Premium Buds

ROVE Disposables Have Expanded To CBD!

If you’re a fan of vaping CBD, and want the convenience of a disposable, LAVC has just expanded its stock of ROVE disposables to include two CBD/THC options! Our 1:1 option will lend a toasty background high with a strong dose of CBD to soothe minor aches and pains while quieting feelings of anxiety and stress. The 10:1 will give you the same strong and effective CBD experience with a lower level THC buzz, to keep your day functional in-between pulls. Ask your budtender for more details.

LAVC New Floor Pricing Sparks Smooth Shopping Experience!

LAVC has made a major change to floor pricing to help ease any sticker price confusion during check out. While shopping, you’ll see new prices attached to your favorite products with a higher price point. No need to freak out…these new prices now reflect the full price of the product, tax included. So cool! It’s proven to be a total game changer for anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck. It’s ultra-easy to calculate, plan and stock up on your favorite cannabis products without the sticker shock. 

Weed Related Jobs have Doubled Since 2018

In a newly released study conducted by Leafly and Whitney Economics, since 2017, the US has seen a steady growth in cannabis related employment stretching across tech industry spectrum  from accountant to seed planter. With 321,000 people working full-time cannabis related jobs in the United States today, that number more than doubles 2018, which only counted 149,300 full time jobs available. The cannabis job market is having such a boom, the number of weed industry workers is more than EMTs, paramedics, electrical engineers, or dentists – and Michigan has more cannabis workers than cops! 

Budtender Strain Of the Week!

Weekly Weed caught up with budtender Aimee C. to find out which strain is a must try next time you stop by the shop! 

Strain: L’Orange by: Cannabiotix
Why you need to give it a go: “At 31% THC and the scent of a fresh cut orange in your face, this strain is a must splurge for an elevated and happy high, full of clarity and creative vibes. A guaranteed cruisey high that won’t give you a crash landing when it’s time to come down.”


Beer & cannabis are COUSINS! Beers hops are in the same family of flowering plants as cannabis.


If it’s time to stock up your stash of cannabis goodies, pop on over to the shop this week for fresh deals product you love!


Flower Deal!

Buy any 1/8th with a sticker on the display, get a $1 pre-roll! Great deal! 

Wednesday 2/24

WYLD Wednesday! 
Buy two Wyld gummies, get a third for $2! Sweet!


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