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New THC Drinks, High-End Flowers, and Dank Deals

Bottoms Up! LAVC Has New THC Infused Drinks You Gotta Try Now!

Recently LAVC has seen an uptick in beverage sales and to give cannabis fans more of what they want, we’ve added a wider selection of highs to sip on for maximum stone-age. Next time you’re at the shop, check out our beverage cooler and pick up a Tonik Seltzer or Lemonade! Currently stocked with Grapefruit, Strawberry, Watermelon and Pomegranate variations, each can or bottle serves up between 10 and 100mg of THC! Wow! At $5 to $12 a pop, it’s a crazy good deal for a crazy good high, that will leave you feeling happy, relaxed and tucked into your day!

New Jersey Has Thrown Out Over 362,000 Weed Convictions In Less Than Three Months

If you think someone being convicted for a non-violent pot-related crime is ridiculous, you’re not alone. Since the beginning of July, New Jersey, who just legalized weed this past February, has been working on expunging pot related criminal convictions, and in under three months has reached 362,000, giving many a second chance at success! Now, these cases will not show up on court records, and former offenders will not have to report these offenses on job, housing, or college admission applications. Incredibly, another 1,200 people have been released from probation for pot-related arrests and there’s still more to come, tweeted New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. “362,000 marijuana cases already expunged. Thousands more to come. With our new cannabis laws, we are turning the page on the failed War on Drugs and ensuring social justice here in New Jersey.”

Budtender Strain of the Week

There’s so much good bud in stock, it’s hard to choose just one strain to try! Fortunately Weekly Weed chatted up LAVC budtenders to find out what weed is a must try next time you stop in to score an awesome high!

Strain: Milk N’ Cookies by Exotic Genetix

Why You Need To Try It: “The bud is fire. This indica strain is a perfect combination of Cookies & Cream and Triple OG that is set and ready to give any toker a relaxed and happy high with a side of munchies. Make sure you have some favorite snacks on hand as you sit back and enjoy the ride!”

Weed Fun Fact: You Could Be Allergic To Weed And Not Know It

One of the more interesting facts about marijuana is, due to its spotty legal status peppered around the world, it’s difficult to determine what percentage of the population is allergic to it. The symptoms are similar to any other allergies: sneezing, watery eyes, nasal running, but unless tested, no one can say for sure, however, marijuana or hemp workers are the first to experience it. Sometimes barely touching the plant causes an allergic reaction on the skin. Crazy!

Weed Quote of the Week

“I find it quite ironic that the most dangerous thing about getting weed is getting caught with it.”
-Bill Murray


We’re welcoming Fall with a slew of hot demo deals to keep you toasty as the temperatures begin to drop, with money leftover for a snack on the side!

Wednesday 9/22

Thursday 9/23
Jeeter 5-7pm

Friday 9/24
Ember Valley 1-4pm


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