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Live Resin, Relaxing Hybrids, and Demos Full of Deals

LAVC STIIIZY Stock Up! Full and Half Gram Live Resin Pods Available Now!

Patients were beyond excited when LAVC started carrying STIIIZY vape cartridges a couple months back. Since then, we’ve expanded our stock to include full grams, as well as half and full gram live resin pods! While the price point for the live resin is slightly higher ($60/half $100/full), STIIIZY promises their pods are made in a way that, “preserves the authentic taste profile and delivers a full spectrum cannabis extract. A high that provides a synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes for the ultimate entourage effect.” A must try next time you stop by the shop!

Former President Trump Used His Last Hours In Office To Grant Clemency and Pardons To Prisoners With Cannabis Convictions

While over half of the country is breathing a collective sigh of relief over the transition of power to President Biden, there’s no denying Donald Trump used his final hours in the oval office to do good by granting clemency and pardons to convicts serving ridiculously harsh sentences for cannabis related crimes. 73-year-old John Knock was serving two life sentences for, “conspiracy to distribute cannabis,” when he was released, along with at least 19 others whose lives were rotting away in the pokey for non-violent cannabis crimes. Let’s just hope this is only the beginning of overturning all non-violent cannabis convictions!

Michigan Dispensary Is Giving Away Free Joints If You Get The COVID-19 Vaccine

Who knew getting a shot would translate to free weed? Well, when living in times of Covid-19, anything is possible and one Michigan dispensary is offering cannabis enthusiasts a free joint with proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Calling the incentive, “Pot for Shots,” owner Jerry Millen told the Metro Times, “Our goal is to raise awareness of the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccination as we as a community battle this horrible pandemic.” So far they’ve given away over 500 joints in a single Sunday and expect to hand out around $50,000 of the sticky icky green to those proving they’ve gotten their shots. Wow!

Budtender Strain Of the Week!

Weekly Weed caught up with budtender Lexi B. to find out which strain is a must try next time you stop by the shop!
Strain: Banana Punch
Why you need to give it a go: “It’s a nice, even, relaxing hybrid that creates a very chill high, but still allows me to be productive. An easy smoke that doesn’t drag me down”


During the Chilean mining accident in 2010 when 33 miners were trapped underground for 69 days, People smuggled cannabis down to them to help them cope with the ordeal.


Time to restock your stash of cannabis goodies? Cruise on over to LAVC this week to take advantage of these eye popping good deals

Flower Deal!
Buy any 1/8th with a sticker on the display, get 15% off! Great deal!

Wednesday 1/27
WYLD Wednesday!
Buy two Wyld gummies, get a third for $2

Buy any STIIIZY pod, get a battery free!

Thursday 1/28

Saturday 1/30
KNBIS 12-3pm
Buy any KNBIS eighth, get a pre-roll for $1!


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