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Limited Edition Black Mamba Pre-rolls, Tupac’s Ashes, and DEALS Galore

Limited Edition 2020 Los Angeles Championship Pre-rolls Drop Dec. 22nd At LAVC!!

For all the Kobe Bryant fans eager for anything that will make them feel closer to the Laker’s legend and team at large, LAVC is getting ready to drop a limited stock of Jeeter 2020 Los Angeles Championship Live Resin Sauce Joints. Featuring a custom tip, the exclusive Black Mamba strain, and wrapped in 24k paper, 100% of the profits will, “go towards supporting critically and timely issues that impact black communities,” Jeeter says. The shop will only have 24 on sale Dec. 22, so plan to be at LAVC early to get yours before they’re gone!

LAVC COVID Precautions! Feel Safe While You Shop!

We all know COVID-19 has ruined all the fun this year and amid a scary pandemic, LAVC is taking every precaution to keep patients and budtenders safe while in the shop! Stock up on your cannabis goodies with peace of mind knowing we’re sanitizing every hour, keeping our “no touching” policy in place and continuing to limit customers to one per budtender. If being in-store still makes you feel uneasy, curbside pick-up and delivery is available, to keep you comfortably distanced while picking up your pot! As always, masks are required to enter the shop!

CBD vs. CBN What’s The Difference?

When it comes to edibles, the most popular request from patients is something that can help them with sleep. While CBD is a popular go-to, CBN is on the come up to keep your eyes shut long after you’re done counting sheep! However when it comes to buy time, a lot of patients are confused on what’s the difference between the two?

CBD: Derived from marijuana’s cousin, the hemp plant, CBD is an agent primarily used for the all encompassing relief of minor aches and pains, anxiety, stress and helps with general relaxation, peace of mind and aides in sleep. There is no evidence of patients experiencing a high from using it.

CBN: Another non-psychoactive derivative, CBN is a sleep aide that can also offer the benefit of appetite stimulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Fun Weed Fact Of The Week!

After Tupac Shakur’s murder, members of his music group mixed Tupac’s ashes with marijuana and smoked the concoction.


2020 is finally coming to a close, and to end it on a high note, LAVC has super sweet deals on flower, vapes and edibles to help ring in 2021 with hopes of a better and brighter year ahead! Time to get lit!


Moxie products are 50% off! Wow!

Flower Deal!
Buy any 1/8th with a sticker on the display, get a $1 pre-roll! Great deal!

Wednesday 12/23
WYLD Wednesday!
Buy two Wyld gummies, get a third for $2

Thursday 12/24
3c Farms 12-3pm
Buy and 3c 1/8th, get a 1g pre-roll for $1

Sat 12/26
Level 4-7pm


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