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LAVC’s Guide to Buying Weed on a Budget

LAVC Shoppers Guide To Our Best Budget Deals!

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s a good time to start budgeting for presents, travel, food and fun! However, that doesn’t mean you have to cut down on cannabis consumption! Check out these super duper deals hiding in plain sight for endless highs without emptying your wallet.

The best house joint on the block is our 1g DOINK! Buzzy highs at an unbeatable price!

Oasis Gummies ($12)
These sugary sweet edibles serve up a powerful body high that lasts longer than you think! 100mg of THC per bag.

CQ Extracts ($15)
Small but mighty, these concentrated shot sized extracts are packed with 100mg of THC and come in a variety of flavors fit for every taste bud!

Papa’s Herb Vape .5g Cartridges ($25)
A quality vaping experience with a wallet friendly price tag. A half gram of oil in a variety of strains, it’s a prime time deal that never goes away!

Pacific Stone Eighths ($30)
3.5 grams of quality flower that instantly elevates your mood with a delicious cruisey high that you won’t get tired of!

Jay-Z Isn’t Giving Up On Getting a Fan Out Of Jail For A Weed Offense

Jay-Z is currently giving off major Kim Kardashian West vibes as he fights to get a loyal fan out of prison who has already served 10 years for a cannabis conviction. In 2007, Valon Vailes was found guilty of conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute over one ton of weed over the course of five years. After trying every avenue to get his 20 year sentence reduced, Vailes wrote an impassioned letter to the hip-hop superstar who was so moved by it, filed a petition on his behalf, which was almost immediately dismissed by a judge. This hasn’t deterred Jay-Z who has now filed a second petition and has garnered the support of other music industry heavy hitters such as Drake and Meek Mill, who along with over 100 other musicians, athletes, and politicians wrote a letter to President Biden asking him to use his presidential powers to pardon all nonviolent federal weed offenders. No word yet on any decision, stay tuned!

Budtender Strain of the Week
This week we’ve got the buzziest bud to keep you feeling fuzzy and flying high as Fall takes over! Check out which strain LAVC budtenders are talking about this week as a can’t miss strain for your stash!

Strain: Feria by Green Dragon
Why You Need To Try It: “This isn’t a new strain to the sales floor, but every batch is different and this one is exceptional. Testing at 35%, It’s the stuff hybrid dreams are made of. Get an eighth of your own before they’re gone!”

Weed Fun Fact: Stoners Want To Get High With Their Grandparents
According to a new survey by edible company Azuca, the social stigma of cannabis use is on the decline. Their ‘Americans and Cannabis Consumption Survey” is reporting that 60 percent of adult tokers said they would be willing to smoke with a grandparent. LOL

Weed Quote of the Week
“Smoking weed doesn’t make you cool, but if you smoke weed, you’re probably cool.” -Anonymous

Fall is officially here! If you just checked your stash and need to stock up, come by the shop this week for fresh greens and good deals!

All Week
Sticker strains come with a penny joint when you buy an eighth! Bonus!

Friday 10/15
Plus 4-7pm


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