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Introducing Lowell Quicks, plus a top-shelf Flambé

ICYMI: LAVC Has Lowell Quicks In Stock and Ready To Smoke!

It’s no secret that Lowell has been a hot commodity for patients that visit the shop. From flower to pre-rolls, Lowell product flies the second it hits the sales floor, and now we’ve got more smokable goodness to add to your stash! Introducing Lowell Quicks, for those moments when you need to hit it and quit it in a short amount of time! These pre-roll packs equal a full eighth of weed, but are divvied up into 10 pint size .35 gram pre-rolls for a puff-puff-put-out while chillin’ at a BBQ, on your way to dinner, or around a crowd where you gotta keep things discreet! Available now in our pre-roll case! Ask your budtender for details!

Arkansas Is On Its Way To Being The Epicenter Of Marijuana Sales

Ok ok…that might be a little bit of an overstatement, but in recent weeks, there has been a major boom of cannabis sales in the aptly nicknamed “Natural State.” In the past six weeks, Arkansas has seen sales of more than $30 million worth of legal pot, boosting the state’s all-time sales total to over $400 million. Dispensary, Releaf Center in Bentonville, just became the first one to exceed 6,000 pounds in total sales. Wow…that’s a lot of smoke! With a total of 36 dispensaries in the state, and more working to open their doors by end of year, we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the state with the most stoners in 2022!

Budtender Strain of the Week

Tired of the same old stuff? Well fortunately LAVC has some poppin’ fresh strains that are sure to make you smile. Check out which strain budtenders are buzzing about this week for you to pick up next time you’re at the shop!

Strain: Peach Flambe by Floracal
Why You Need To Try It: “If you’re hankering for a sweet sativa that leans a little more hybrid, Peach Flambé is the strain for you! A cross of Thin Mints, Sour, and Peach strains, you’ll enjoy a mellow body buzz, while maintaining enough mental stimulation to keep on moving.”

Weed Fun Fact: Cannabis Can Improve The Life Of Senior Citizens

If there’s a special senior in your life complaining of aches, pains, anxiety and other ailments, cannabis is a great option to help quiet their symptoms. From providing relaxation to becoming a more natural approach to pain relief treatment, cannabis is definitely here to improve the life quality of our senior citizens. Still on the fence? Fortunately, there are non-psychoactive options available for those who don’t want to elevate their mind to another level.

Weed Quote of the Week

I have always loved marijuana. It has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. And I still think of it as a basic staple of life, along with beer and ice and grapefruits – and millions of Americans agree with me.” – Hunter S. Thompson


In need of fresh flower, but don’t want to empty your wallet? Check out the demo deals coming to the shop this week to keep your highs high and your spending low!

Thursday 9/16
Ember Valley 12-3pm


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