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Grow Your Own With New Clones!

LAVC Welcomes Dark Heart Nursery Clones To The Shop!

If you’ve been thinking about trying to farm your own weed, LAVC has just what you need for your green thumb. We’re excited to announce the arrival of Dark Heart Nursery clones to the shop! In case you aren’t familiar, a clone is a cutting of a living marijuana plant, like a branch, which will then grow into a plant itself. Dark Heart Nursery prides itself on cultivating, “consistently premium clones from both popular and emerging genetic lines that will perform well in a variety of settings.” They’re ready to grab and grow! Ask your budtender for details next time you’re at the shop!

You Can’t Join The FBI If You’ve Smoked Weed More Than 24 Times

Up until this past summer, the FBI has denied employment to anyone with a history of admitted marijuana use within the past three years prior to them applying. However, while now facing a tiny hiring pool, they’ve reconsidered their stance to encourage those who have participated in a little puffing to apply for work…with certain conditions. The revised policy now states, “Candidates that have used marijuana or any of its various forms (e.g., cannabis, hashish (hash), hash oil, or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), synthetic or natural), in any location (domestic or foreign) regardless of the legality in that location of use, more than twenty-four (24) times after turning 18 years old is a disqualifier for FBI employment.”

Budtender Strain of the Week

Looking for fresh greens that will keep you flying high this week? Well you’re in luck because Weekly Weed chatted up LAVC budtenders to find out what strain is a must try next time you stop in to score an awesome high!

Strain: Chillato by Green Dragon
Why You Need To Try It: “Chillato measures up as a potent and productive hybrid. You’ll experience a happy high that will keep you focused and lifted! Testing high and packed with flavor, it’s a can’t miss strain while we have it in stock!”

Weed Fun Fact: Bruce Lee Used Hash As An Anti-Inflammatory For His Brain

Bruce Lee is a legend of martial arts, but at the end of the day was human and could still suffer illness and injury. During a time when he was suffering from brain swelling, he ate hash in an effort to treat it. No official word if it absolved the issue, but it’s cool to know he believed in the healing powers of cannabis.

Hunter S. Thompson at the Gramercy Hotel in New York City in1977.

Weed Quote of the Week

“I have always loved marijuana. It has been a source of joy and comfort to me for many years. And I still think of it as a basic staple of life, along with beer and ice and grapefruits – and millions of Americans agree with me.” -Hunter S. Thompson


Fall is officially here! If you just checked your stash and need to stock up, come by the shop this week for fresh greens and good deals!

Thursday 9/30
Lowell 4-7pm


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