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Get Spooky and Stoney This Halloween!

Treats You Need For a Spooky and Stoney Halloween

This coming weekend is the ghoulish day of the year! Whether you’re party hopping or staying in with scary movies, we’ve got all the perfect sized treats, without the tricks, to give you a chill-tastic high for a fantastic time!

Camino Chills & Thrills Gummies: Cruisey, fun, and full of giggles, you’ll feel alert and silly wherever the night takes you!

Oasis Chocolate Bar Bites: One bite of chocolate, caramel gooey goodness. 10mg of THC is just the thing to wind down your night of spooky fun!

Dollar Doses: 5mg of fun for an easy breezy background buzz to keep you socially chilled out in any spooky situation.

Happy House Joints: Get the job done for under $5! These budget friendly half gram pre-rolls pack a punch without putting you out for the count.

United States Postal Service Has Banned Shipment of Vape Pens and E-cigs

For those of us living in 420 friendly states, you may have gotten used to hooking up your friends across state lines that live in places not so keen on cannabis. Well next time you think a heading to the post office to send a vape is a good idea, save yourself a trip and have your friends come visit you and buy for themselves! The USPS is cracking down on the shipment of vape and nicotine pens in an effort to help reach the goal of decreasing lung damage caused by vapes and prevent vaping devices from getting into the hands of minors. These new guidelines fall under the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act (POSECCA) act, which includes cannabis products. “It goes without saying that marijuana, hemp, and their derivatives are substances. Hence, to the extent that they may be delivered to an inhaling user through an aerosolized solution, they and the related delivery systems, parts, components, liquids, and accessories clearly fall within the POSECCA’s scope.”

Budtender Strain of the Week

Halloween is coming up fast, and this week LAVC budtenders are going wild for weed that’s giving them all the vibes. Check out which strain is a can’t miss strain for your stash!

Strain: Slurricrasher by FloraCal
Why You Need To Try It: “Purple and frosty. You’ll be treated to nice big juicy nugs that lend to a perfect body high with good taste to boot! The perfect flower for the ultimate chill high.”

Weed Fun Fact: Men Love Weed More Than Women…kind of…

They say you never forget a first love, but turns out, more men have admitted to remembering their first bong rip more clearly than their first kiss! LOL.

Weed Quote of the Week

“The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.” – Willie Nelson


Looking for some sweet deals on cannabis products that will give you the best bang for your buck? Stop by the shop this week for some sweet Patient Appreciation Day demos that will add a little something extra to your purchase!

Friday 10/29
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