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Free Local Delivery, Fresh Ember Valley, and a High THC Starship


Get excited, because LAVC has just made it even easier for you to get the most quality bud delivered right to your front door. We’ve dropped our free delivery minimum to $40 outside a one mile radius and no minimum for local delivery within a mile of the shop! No matter your reason for wanting weed at your doorstep, we’re ready to deliver all the goodies to take your day from ok to totally awesome! Check out LAVC.SHOP to order now!

Vet CBD No Longer On Shelves

Not gonna lie, we’re feeling pretty bad for pet owners who have heavily relied on Vet CBD to keep their four legged friend feeling chill. We’ve recently been overwhelmed with calls looking for the tincture that has helped pet owners everywhere quell the anxiety of separation, fireworks and other animal stress inducing events. Unfortunately, due to the powers that be, dispensaries have been asked to remove the product from shelves and cease any further sales. With no plans to carry it or anything similar in the future, we wish all pet owners the best in finding another way to soothe your furry friend.

Fresh Stock of Ember Valley Available Now!

Ember Valley fans get excited! LAVC has added more strains to the tables to keep your high top shelf and long lasting. Ember Valley has felt dormant as of late, but with Spring only 3 weeks away it only makes sense to see a revival of some of the best buds on the block back in the shop! For the Sativa fans, Pine Drop and Now & Laters are ready and waiting to brighten your mood, while on the Hybrid table, we have MAC, set to put you on cruise control as you float through your day. With all strains testing at 25% THC or higher, they won’t last long!

Budtender Strain Of the Week!

Weekly Weed caught up with budtender Sofia W. to find out which strain is a must try next time you stop by the shop!

Strain: Garlic Starship by Glass House
Why you need to give it a go: “Garlic strains have been super popular lately, and when your budget is $40 for an eighth, you don’t often expect such a high THC percentage. 31% will definitely take you to the moon! Talking with other patients, all of them have expressed feeling a ‘very happy high’ after a few puffs!”

The first thing ever bought and sold across the Internet was a bag of cannabis around 1971. Rumor has it Stanford students bought it from MIT students.

If it’s time to stock up your stash of cannabis goodies, pop on over to the shop this week for fresh deals on product you love!

Flower Deal!
Buy any 1/8th with a sticker on the display, get a $1 pre-roll! Great deal!

Wednesday 3/3
WYLD Wednesday!
Buy two Wyld gummies, get a third for $2! Sweet!

STIIIZY 12-4pm
Buy any STIIIZY pod, get a free battery.

Thursday 3/4
Misitfi 5-8pm
Buy one vape pen, get one for a penny!

Friday 3/5
3c Farms 12-3pm
Buy any eighth or pre roll pack, get a 1 gram pre-roll

ROVE 5-8pm
Buy a full gram or two half grams, get an additional half gram for $2.


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