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End of Year Specials, Holiday Hours, and ’60s Flashbacks

Holiday Hour Update!! We’re Open!!

On Christmas Eve, LAVC was beyond busy helping patients buy in bulk for the long holiday weekend! Turns out, a lot of people assumed we’d be closed for Christmas and New Years! Thankfully, that’s just not true. LAVC is open through the new year at regular store hours. 9am-10pm seven days a week! No stress necessary! We’ve got all your cannabis needs ready and waiting to help you ring in 2021!

Product Spotlight: Jetter XL and Baby Jeeter Non-Infused Pre-roll Pack!

LAVC’s best kept secret has been hiding plain sight in the pre-roll case! In case you missed it, a few months back, we welcomed Baby Jeeter non-infused pre-roll packs, as well as 1.75g Jeeter XL non-infused pre-rolls, to the shop! Both options pack a powerful punch with a high that is smooth, tastes great, and burns like a dream! Be careful, they might just become your favorite new pre-rolls you didn’t know you needed!

Then and Now…What it Was Like Buying Weed In The ‘60s

It’s hard to imagine a time when weed wasn’t legal. Today, it’s easy and safe to buy a pre-roll or a brightly designed pack of edibles, but in the late 1960’s, getting some green was more like a covert mission filled with risk, for a sometimes questionable reward. Longtime LAVC patient, Laurie C., recently sat down with Weekly Weed to share her experience of, “scoring grass” when it was public enemy #1 in the eyes of “the fuzz.”

“When I was buying weed in the 1960s, it smelled like a dirt road and was powdery. There were only two strains, Panama Red and Acapulco Gold. Of course it was illegal and people were going to jail for possession of it, so to get it, you had to know somebody who knew somebody who could make a connection. One of my first buys was meeting a guy on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley. My instructions were to stand on the sidewalk at a particular time across the street from a diner. I had to wait for the dealer to come over and exchange a matchbox of smoke for five dollars. After the deal was made, I rolled a joint and smoked it.”

Fun Weed Fact Of The Week!

A study by Washington State University looked at marijuana tolerance and found that females build a tolerance to cannabis much more easily than males.


We know you’ve got big plans for better and brighter months ahead! So to kick off 2021 right, LAVC has got you covered when it comes to fresh and fun deals for a dope new year!

Moxie products are 50% off! Wow!

Tuesday 12/29
Buy any Stiiizy pod, get a battery for free!

Wednesday 12/30
WYLD Wednesday!
Buy two Wyld gummies, get a third for $2

ROVE 5-7pm
Buy 1g or 2 half gram carts, get an additional half gram for $2!

Saturday 1/2
Level 4-7pm


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